Paul Vandevert talking to client

You’ve done the hard part: developed the right product; found the best source for your inputs; and clinched customers in overseas markets. But, there’s just one more thing: navigating the regulatory maze for importing and exporting goods.

OCHIM Trade Law PLC is your guide to:

  • Basic import and export compliance:
    • Know what information and records you need to have:
      • Parties to the transaction
      • Tariff code (HTS #)
      • Value
      • Incoterms (EXW, FCA, FOB)
      • Country of Origin
      • Eligibility for trade preferences (e.g. NAFTA, GSP)
  • Strategic advice so that you, your suppliers and your customers don’t overpay Customs duties and realize cost-effective trade operations
  • Structuring transactions, including purchase and sale contracts and distribution agreements to avoid confusion and misunderstanding down the road
  • Controversy management: requests for information, ruling requests, protests, audits, investigations, penalty cases
  • Advice and direction on how to respond to changes in trade policy, such as additional tariffs on imports to mitigate impact on your business.